Living like royalty custom lettering design

Living like royalty custom lettering design

Welcome to Sublign, specialists in custom lettering, logos and identity design.
Below is an example of one of our custom lettering designs, part of a growing portfolio of images that we will be using in our up and coming amazon store.

This custom lettering style was arrived at in an attempt to catch the feel of royalty. Therefore we felt it would be a good idea to bring an element of black letter into the design. Though not too much, we didn’t want tomake it cliche.

All in all, we are pleased with the result and would love to know what you guys think.

Here is the design!

Living like royalty design
Living like royalty design

We hope you enjoyed what you saw here and you feel inspired to take a closer look at the design services we offer.

We do offer services extended beyond a simple logo design including a full identity design care package for as little as £495.00

This would include an initial consultation, a full custom logo, an identity strategy and two additional works of your choice.

Also, why not become a subscribed client and enjoy a reduction on the hourly amongst other benefits. You can find out more on our products and services page.

I you wish to speak to us about a project then drop us an email via our contact page.

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Richard North
Owner of Sublign

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