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Quality, custom logo designs is the area of specialisation for Sublign as a company. We do extend to many other areas of identity design but this is our main focus.
Custom designed logo’s (No typefaces) the actual craft of designing word marks and other illustrations.

The benefits of having a professional designer tackle such a thing as a logo is really quite simple. The logo has to be dynamic in it’s uses and what may look good in a jpeg may not be suitable on different coloured surfaces or compatible with the many different ways that a logo needs to be used.

Logo design is about solving practical problems as well as the aesthetic appeal of the logo itself.

Below, is a gallery which our current best twelve logo designs. None of these logos represent real companies. they are merely portfolio examples to highlight the quality we are capable of delivering to.



What would a logo cost? The majority of the designs in this gallery would cost somewhere between £200 and £300 which really isn’t that much when you consider the lifetime use of this particular graphic and the benefit it could bring to your business in increased traffic and or potentially increased sales.

As we stated before. We do offer services extended beyond a simple logo design including a full identity design care package for as little as £495.00

This would include an initial consultation, a full custom logo, an identity strategy and two additional works of your choice.

Also, why not become a subscribed client and enjoy a reduction on the hourly amongst other benefits. You can find out more on our products and services page.

I you wish to speak to us about a project then drop us an email via our contact page.

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Richard North
Owner of Sublign

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