Welcome to the portfolio of Sublign design.

This portfolio at present features the work of just one individual until this company expands and takes on more designers. That one person is called Richard North.

Richard North is a freelance graphic designer dealing mainly in logo designs and all of the general branding components that go with it. Branding like posters and business cards etc.

He has been involved in graphic design for just a few years however, with over a decade of experience as a sketch artist he is no newbie to the world of illustration, lettering and composition works.

Here is an example of such a branding portfolio. Our own company brand.


As you can see, these designs all follow a certain blueprint that echo throughout the branding. From the highly versatile logo to the colours (including text) the theme is consistent.

Consistency is key when it comes to branding and because the initial design is crucial. This particular logo involved about 12 hours of hard work and many trial and rejections. There are many things that need thinking about in a design. How will it fit into a larger scheme of being printed onto clothing and accessories and can the colours work in any context?

Of course, Richard is not just a logo and branding guy. He is also a talented fine and digital artist. One thing he does like to do is designs that would work very well on t-shirts with custom lettering. Like these!


Simple, but effective.

If you would like Richard to take over your design needs then great! He would be more than happy to help. Whether a one off customer or a regular client, your faith in his abilities is not taken lightly and he will endeavour to do his absolute best to see that the design is more than up to scratch.

Feel free to get in touch with us either by sending an email to subligndesign@gmail.com or via the contact page.