Welcome to Sublign!

Sublign is an graphic design company specialising in custom logos and the essentials of identity design.


What do we mean when we talk about identity design?

Identity design is all of the other essential work that goes with the companies image. This would usually follow a central theme which could be broken down and used in multiple ways. Posters, business cards, flyers, website headers, packaging etc.

All of our logos are custom designed by us which we feel gives our work an element of originality. We also produce layered illustrations and typefaces as part of our offering.

Below is a gallery featuring some of our best custom designed logo’s, which will give you an indication of the skill level and imagination that we are capable of delivering.



We also have a downloadable brochure available for you to take a look at. It speaks in great detail about the various services we offer. Just click on the link below.

Sublign company brochure

We have a 2 page spread at the end discussing the packages we offer and prices we charge.

Whether you are just looking for a simple word mark logo or a full identity design. We have what you need.

Even if you personally aren’t looking for these services right now, someone you know might be. Please do follow and share this page as we update the site regularly.

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Richard North ~
Managing director of Sublign.

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