Welcome to Sublign!

Sublign is an up and coming graphic design company specialising in custom logos and the essentials of identity design.

What do we mean when we talk about identity design?
Identity design is all of the other essential work that goes with the companies image. This would usually follow a central theme which could be broken down and used in multiple ways. Posters, business cards, flyers, website headers, packaging etc.

Recently, Sublign has launched a fantastic care package which will take care of this entire process and the logo design for as little at £495.00 (but more on that later.)

Below is a gallery featuring some of our best custom designed logo’s, which will give you an indication of the skill level and imagination that we are capable of delivering.



Let’s talk about this care package!

The next gallery will give you a very clear indication of what we offer in the package and the extensive number of uses that this initial work could apply. Our package includes the following services

  • An initial consultation (either by email or a messenger call to identify needs and sketch a few concepts)
  • Custom logo design
  • An identity strategy including chosen typefaces and the overall theme
  • Two individual pieces of work (business card and poster design for example)


Even if it is just a simple logo that you need, no project is too small for us. At our rates, you could certainly get a good quality professional logo for between £200 and £300 and the benefit to your business’s image could be well above that price point. See more about this on our products and services page including the option to become a subscribed client and enjoy an overall reduction on rates along with other benefits.

Even if you personally aren’t looking for these services right now, someone you know might be. Please do follow and share this page as we update the site regularly.

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Richard North
Owner of Sublign.

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